Uses of Salt at Home

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It is not just a century or two since when the humans are using the common salt, Na Cl. It is for several thousands of years now the salt is used in a variety of ways by the mankind. The industrial applications of the salt are quite recent though. Still the domestic usage of salt in the houses for the purposes of preservation is from quite a good while now.


Home uses

Uses of Salt at Home But certainly it is not just the preservation ability alone for which the salt could be used in the household. There are many other uses as well. Salt is added to fresh water lime and soda to get a wonderful freshness of energy instantly. It is one of the greatest home therapies after tiresome labor.

In case if you want to get rid of grease fire from a particular area in your house then never seeks the resort of water immediately. It is not a good idea of removal at all. You should try to spray some common salt on top of it and allow it get smothered in quite some time. Now it is ready for you to remove it easily.

If you want to clean your neat sink, brass vessels, cake ovens, gas stove and many other similar houses hold utensils you might rely on some high quality soap cakes for this purposes. Instead try salt a little amount. If you sprinkle a bit of table salt on top of them and brush it away after some time you will get very clean finishes.

Strange uses

Imagine if you or your kid have dropped the egg on the floor of your kitchen. It is pretty tedious task to clean the floor. Moreover the smell would last there. The pungent smell of the egg would surround the place for a long time even after the removal of the scattered broken egg. Instead you should try a different idea. As soon as you had dropped it by mistake, just spray some salt on top of it. All the coagulants will get collected together. The contents would collate automatically and you can easily gather them in one shot after half an hour or so.


If you want to protect your trees in the garden from the ill effects of the poisonous insects and other germs, it is pretty easy to do so without spending too much money for fertilizers and pesticides. Moreover they might result in side effects to affect the fertility of the soil and stunted growth in the trees as well.

One gallon of water should be mixed with a kilogram of salt or even a little more. Add on a little bit of washing soap also to the solution. Allow the contents to get mixed completely. If you stir the solution well then it would be easier and faster as well. Sprinkle the water on top of the greeneries in your garden. All those stems and the branches should well be sprayed with the solution. Your garden is completely safe from the attack of any kind of germs. You can get good yields for your cultivation for this season.


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