Types of Salt

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Salt is a primary ingredient in the cooked food stuff most of the times. It is mandatory to know on how much difference it could make, when you use the wrong salt. So what is a wrong salt? Yes, there are varieties of salts that are manufactured through different methods. Even though there are basically two forms of salts that are obtained in nature, the final salts that you shop in the market from different vendors are of various kinds. It largely depends on the way of its extraction and making to be delivered into the market for the consumers.

Sea salt

Types of Salt The sea salt and the kosher salts are entirely of different categories of salts. One cannot be replaced by the other in the same dish for same quantities as it would make a lot of difference in the tastes. So just before you pinch and sprinkle, think a second on what type of salt that you are holding.

The kosher salt is something which has granules of very small sizes. This dimension of the kosher allows it to be dissolved in the food very effectively and more readily as well. When you do cook with the kosher salt your food stuff flavor will start to disperse more readily during the cooking process, compared to using a rock salt. The curing process of meat utilizes the kosher type of salts in essential. This is because of the very reason that the granules of the kosher are of a particular dimension and shape which is prettily suitable to allow the curing process to further. You could easily collect a pinch of kosher salt to precise quantities as they are basically more rough and coarse in nature.

Rock salt

On the contrary when you want to add on a pungent aroma to your food stuff then you should try the crystalline sea salt variety. All those sea food preparation as well as handling with those curry vegetables or preparing fresh salads, employ this type of salt.

Crystals of this crystalline sea salts are not quite uniform due to ways they are being fabricated to cater to the consumers. This irregularity in the dimensions of the granules is a limitation with this kind of salt, when it comes to dissolving effectively and readily with the food stuff.

One more type of salt is the rock salt. This is obtained as earth salt from under the ground. There are huge traces of salt beds found in the lake city of Utah and also in many other parts of the globe as well. Rock salts are not that rare as these are nothing but the sediments of the sea water consistently upon the earths crust for millions of years now. The rock salts commercially are good applications for the ice cream making as well as in the ice houses.

Pickle salt

One more type of salt which is just hundred percent Na Cl, is the pickle salt. This could brine a chicken as a whole. Such extreme saltiness is because of the fact that they are not iodized are mixed with any other chemicals which are done for the process of caking in the preparation of the table salts.


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