Top Ten Brands of Salt in India

On January 5, 2011, in Salt, by Jitendra

Iodized salt producers

India is one of the chief producers of the salt in the whole world. The amount of resources available in India for the production of salt is comparatively lesser than what the United States of America or the China or the Australians have. Still India ranks better position when it comes to salt production with the available resources. Even purity wise the salt that is produced in India is of very high standards and cannot be competed by those American as well as European brands.

There are numerous top quality salt producers in India. When it comes to table salt production for the purpose of domestic consumption the top brands are just a handful. The major player who holds a hefty share of the market as a whole, say about twenty percent of the total table salt market in India is the tata salt.

Tata salt.

Top Ten Brands of Salt in India This is the favorite of the majority and called as the desh ka namak, means country’s favorite salt. The name did not come just like that but obtained through the surveys conducted to find out the salt utilities in various parts of the Indian subcontinent. Almost 3.76 crores of houses are using this particular variety of salt on a daily basis in India.

You can then imagine the amount of business the tata salt would be able to turn around in a year. That is really huge turnaround and still the costs associated with the tata salts are just quite nominal all now. Despite the heavy competition that prevails in the market for the tata salt, they never compromised in their quality for minimized costs.

Top brands

The tata salt is said to be the cheapest available table salt of its exceptional quality when compared to any other salt in the whole world, inclusive of china in that. Tata salts has achieved so many certifications and felicitations, laurels and awards from the government of India as well as the international organizations in appreciation of their best services rendered.

They are catering salt with sweet care for the people as they are up to the mark with the iodine and iron standards in any packet of the tata salt that is checked out for scrutiny. Those common people who use the tata salt trust that there cannot be any kind of side effects that would arise with its usage.

The quality is exceptional so that it could be offered to the children as well as the elders suffering from several complaints of cardiovascular diseases as well as blood pressure.

Apart from the tata salt there are other top brands in india as well.

Captain cook




Surya salt

Sambhar salt

Nirma shudh and many more are there. The list is lengthy as there are many regional players also who dominate in their territories with hefty share of the market. Inspite of so many iodized salt vendors, the i-shakthi is one among those reliable salts when you want to serve the children and patients with goitre problems. Similarly, captain cook is also one of the standard brands in the trade from a considerable number of years now. The latest but still a leading competitor in the trade is the nirma shudh salt producers.


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