Smoked Salt

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Salt is an essential ingredient in the human body. You can say that the sodium chloride referred to as the common salt is inevitable for the human community as long it exists in this material world. Luckily, the availability of this salt is not as scarce as it was thought so in the ancestral days.

Types of salt

Smoked Salt There is abundant quantity of salt reserves available in the earth and it is for man to make the best use out of it. When it comes to the uses, there is variety of applications for which the salt is employed. It could be the industrial usage, for domestic cooking purposes, medicinal field and so on. There is a wide range of applications of the salt with each and every type of it used for different purposes.

When it is said about the different types of salt, certain salts like the black salt, pickle salt are all quite significant in the medicinal and industrial usage respectively. Similar to that, we have one more kind of salt called the smoked salt. The smoked salt simply saying is nothing but the common salt made to contain smoked aroma in it. This is virtually to give you the smoked effect while consuming the particular food stuff that is mixed up with the smoked salt.

Preparation of smoked salt

How do you make a smoked salt of your own? The process is quite simple and easy to follow in your house itself to make your own kind of smoked salt as per your required standards. The prime necessity of producing the smoked salt is the saw dust. You will have to select only the sea salt for the manufacturing of the smoked salt.

It is just only the sea salt obtained from the sea water by the process of evaporation will be suitable perfectly to make the smoked salts. Otherwise you cannot get the desired effects in the smoked salt. The essential purpose of adding the smoked salt to meat and vegetable is to create that specific aroma of smoked smell in them. This could be easily attained by adding a pinch of the smoked salt.

When you consider the mined salts for making the smoked salt, they are usually obtained in the form of iodized salts. These iodization process sediments the iodine from the potassium iodide into the table salt grains. So when you use these salts the saw dust will not have its effect to create the smoked salt easily. It is the saw dust which is the essential ingredient of the smoked salt which gives the smoked effect.

Malto dextrin could also be otherwise added which are of the smoke flavor. When you add this to the salts you get the smoked effect very easily. Simpler process is just to keep the salt in a smoker made out of wood. This ways quality smoked salt is obtained in less time.


One important aspect about the smoked salt is that you cannot attribute so much importance to this salt as it is of no big use. This is just one of the different varieties of salt that could just make your food taste different ways for a change.


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