Salt Uses in Health and Beauty

On January 4, 2011, in Uses of Salt, by Jitendra

Salts could be used in a variety of applications. But to use them for beautifying yourselves is something which is not knows too many around. It is indeed a great useful tool to beautify you. Moreover the associated costs are also not that higher when you compare with the prices of the other beauty products.

Prima facie, from health considerations, the presence of adequate amount of salt in the body is crucial to regulate the body water content and keep your body in optimal conditions. Deficiency causes cramps to occur in the different areas of the body. Salt solutions of certain kind are wonderful supplements to your beauty regimens.

Youth passion

Salt Uses in Health and Beauty Some of the youngster who has the problems of acne could try applying salt water solution which is slightly hot and wash the face cleanly with mild soap. All those itchiness and the dry skin complexion will be changed in due course of time. Gradually the germs cannot settle down in the pores of your faces to form ugly acne.


Similarly other solution of salt when mixed with a bit of baking soda could do wonders as well. This could also be used as a mouth wash. You need to goggle using the solution just before going to bed and also after you wake up in the morning. When you continuously have the practice of doing so, you will never have any sort of teeth related problems. Your gums will glow and gravening smile will be the result to attract the people with your countenance.

Avoiding exfoliation

The simplest curing technique to exfoliation which arises due to dry skin is the salt therapy. When it is said as salt therapy, you do not have to imagine shelling out big bills in the massage parlor and spa. All you have to do is just take a steam with the help of facial steamer and then take a pinch of table salt in your hands. Rub and spread it all over the wet skin when you have just come out of the shower.

Within sometime you will feel the smoothness experienced in your skin as well as the new glow in your face. This is the result of the salt applied to the moist skin of your complexion. You could do so in the neck regions as well as in the hands and around the breasts as well for best attraction. Apart from that you do not have to bother about exfoliation when you have this in regular practice.

Other benefits

Application of salt in an above-mentioned way in the wet skin has numerous advantages apart from preventing the exfoliation. Primarily blood circulation is enhanced and uniformly spread all over the surface of your skin.

This is made to happen as the salt tends to invigorate the dermis. When you feel lazy in the morning to completely wake up and start doing things actively, then this application would readily help you to get energized and feel pumped up throughout the day. It is for these reasons aerobics practitioners use this method as an instant remedy from the physical exertion that could happen at times due to excessive strenuous Exercises.


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