Salt Substitutes and Low Salt Diet

On January 3, 2011, in Types of Salt, by Jitendra

Low salt diets are essential for those blood pressure patients. Moreover even for those who do not have any problem of such a kind, consuming low salt diets will keep the heart diseases at bay.

Some of the food diet which is containing about 500 mg to 300 mg of sodium for every serving is generally good enough to contain you sodium consumption. It is possible to make the food quite delicious enough without any comprise and consolation for your taste buds. Some of the low salt diets are too discussed in detail down under.

Low salt diet

Salt Substitutes and Low Salt Diet The first in the list of low salt diets is the Caldo Tlalpeño. It is very easy to make. You will not take even more than forty five minutes or so to cook it altogether. It is just a chicken soup variety basically. You could have witnessed this peculiar name in the menu card of some of those Mexican restaurants. They do contain the spicy chipotle chiles as well in this soup to add on to the spicy flavor and at the same time hinder the need for more salt to arouse the flavour. The general combination of this food stuff is quesadillas which are made out of cheese.

It contains just 260 milligrams of salt in total per serving. This is the huge advantage. You will relish the spicy yet yummy chicken soup while do not have to bother about raising your sodium consumption levels.

Stew chicken

Similarly you have many more options of diets. Okra and chickpea dish which is actually a stew chicken variety of preparation added with more moroccon flavours in abundance. Chow mein of peanut ginger, the pineapple teryaki chicken, rosemary croutons in spinach soup and many more can add on to get the list very lengthier. You do not have to bother about the preparation of all these. You could get them in seconds in the internet search in almost any profound search engine. Talking in detail about the preparation of each and every menu in the list will just be out of the scope of this article.

Excellent alternative

Also salt is one other exemplary option for those who are badly in need of a low salt diet due to the health conditions. When you get used to the also salt, you certainly do not have to bother about the low salt diet as you will be under no salt diet already. You could have all those yummy chips and spicy peanuts and variety of snacks and food stuff which earlier avoided due to the presence of salt content in them

All you have to do is just replace also salt in the place of adding on salt to the same food stuff while preparing it. You get the tastes identical to that of adding salt in the food stuff. This is quite wonderful for the blood pressure patients. The costs associated are pretty higher than the costs of the salt. Still when you want to care about your health seriously then also salt is the best option. Money spent otherwise in the form of medicines to counter the effects of excessive sodium should be borne in mind, while you ball about costs.


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