Salt Production Worldwide

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Huge consumption

The world wide salt production is currently 200 million tons and exceeding the mark rapidly. If you astonish on this fact and think that do we consume so much salt annually for the worldwide industries to manufacture huge quantities of salt, then you are wrong.

It is not for our food consumption alone, we use the salts.

Ways of extraction

Salt Production Worldwide Almost sixty percentage of salt production in the whole world goes to the industrial usage. Only the remaining forty percent is used for miscellaneous purposes that major constitutes the application in the form of food additives. When you talk about the worldwide salt production, it is mandatory to know the different ways that the salt is obtained all over the globe.

Prima facie, evaporation of sea water to obtain salts is the method carried out in majority parts of the Asian subcontinents. Especially in the India and china, the salt production done in this ways and they obtain almost 99.5 percentage of purity still. The salts produced this ways are being washed again chemically to remove the impurities and then it is shipped.

Different parts of the globe

There are still other forms of obtaining salts as well. Even in India and china you could find some of these different forms of extracting salt. One is through mining process. This is salt extraction from the salt beds underneath the earth. Such a sort of salts is then allowed to be prepared in the laboratories to be modified to the form of fine granules as we see the table salt.

Salts obtained in this way are in majority from the United States of America as well as other European continents. Their purity levels are a big challenge though. They are not compete tent to the great purity levels obtained as you get from the salts of India and china. 99.5 to 99.7 is the range of purity that could be obtained from these salts of the west. Most of them find applications only in the industries.

It could be evident for you by now that almost all of those fine graded salts of the west are just the western brand names carrying eastern salt inside. Any how, there is one more variety of salt obtained from the brine. This is called as solution mining process. This is almost one third of the total salt production methods in the world.

All those salts extracted from the Australia and Mexico is essentially of this kind of manufacturing. The level of purity that is obtained is of the highest grade when you compare with the other forms of salt extraction. The purity range varies somewhere in between to the second decimals of 99.9. It depends from place to place from the set standards of production process carried out.

Industrial applications

Sometimes it is also about the raw salt content which is obtained from a particular place. There are certain traces of impurities at micro levels which are just integral part of the salt itself and it could not be removed even after so many sophisticated processes and techniques employed. World wide salt production for industrial applications includes the organic synthesis, petroleum production, byproducts fractional distillation and many more processes.


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