Salt in Various Regions

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Salt in Various Regions The salt production in the Portugal is about a quarter million tones in a year. If you compare with that of the Atlantic as well as the Mediterranean coastal regions of the French dominion, it would just be equivalent to that of the Portugal as well. Spain exceeds the Portugal and the French by a little more; say 50,000 tons more or so approximately. Italy has a greater amount of sources of salt. The amount of production of salt exceeds all its peers by far. But all these salt extraction obtained from these regions mainly goes to the industrial applications alone.

Irrespective of the different forms of extraction carried out in different parts of these regions, the amount of purity they could obtain in their final salt is not unto the mark. They are called as the inferior quality salt which is not suitable for food consumption even after iodization of these salts. So it largely depends upon the salts obtained in various regions which determine their purity standards.


The usage of sophisticated machinery in the processes carried out for the purpose of purification of the salts extracted in the European regions cannot be undermined. It is not the lack of availability of machinery which is a limitation for obtaining purest quality salts from these regions. The nature of the raw salt available in this region cannot be processed to perfection as much as you could do so with the salts that you obtain from the Asian subcontinent.

Salts produced in the India, Pakistan, silence, china are all of very high quality. These regions treasure quality salt naturally and that is to their advantage. All those western countries have to rely on such basic ingredients from the eastern provinces. When you move still further down south in the Australian continent the salt ores are pretty better.

Pacific and the Atlantic

The purity levels obtained in the salts produced in the pacific arena as a whole is of very good quality. Yes, it is not just limited to the Australian continent alone. It spreads all over the pacific oceans. Whole of the salt obtained in the Latin Americas and the Mexican regions yield you highest percentage of purity.

Similarly all those Atlantic part in the northern hemisphere, whether it be the Europe or the Greenland or the Alaska, all you find everywhere is just unique quality of salt that could yield you purity percentages between 99.5 and 99.8 at the most. Ocean surrounds almost three fourth of the earth. Sea water which is a prime source of salt is in abundance to obtain salt from all the parts of the world.

Still various regions constitute different combination of salts in their respective areas. The reason behind this variation is a very detailed study of ocean geography and the various phases of the evolution from the scratch. To put it all in a nutshell, the salt obtained from a specific region totally depends upon the absorption capacities of the regions salt. The most loyal the impurities are to their sources, the least pure they are.


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