Salt in Cooking Food

On January 3, 2011, in Uses of Salt, by Jitendra

Quantity matters

It is almost inevitable for cooking food to contain salt. You could just have control over the quantity of the salt intake rather than trying to avoid it completely. The permissible quantities of salts in cooking food will have to be learnt keenly in essential. If you consider the soups and sauces, the permissible amount of salt content that they should contain is just about a single teaspoon for every quart. Similarly there are measures that are discreet for different items which are important for the cooks to be aware of.

While talking about the quantity it differs from individual to individual. Patients of blood pressure and the diabetes complaints should abstain from sugar and salt respectively. Even minute traces of excessive contents of salt could raise the blood pressure levels in such patients. While you have a lot of supplements for the sugar in the form of additives, you cannot find much for replacing the salt.

Salt matters

Salt in Cooking Food On the contrary salt less food is something which is less worth eating for a lot of foody out there. Salt add on the real flavor and taste to the food stuff. Certain drinks such as the butter milk and many other gravies and curries items, when you prepare with the precise quantities of salt, the taste would be exemplary. It is hard to be controlling these precise levels of salt when you are cooking different quantities of food stuff.

Still an experienced chef will always have to have tips in store. These will be greatly helpful for him, when he finally realizes the salt to be in erroneous quantities in the food stuff. Some of the immediate remedial measures are to add of tomato or potato to the food stuff and cook a bit more. This is in case when the salt in cooking food is found to have gone in excess quantities.

Counter ways

On the contrary, when the salt is lesser, the resolve is simpler. Just add a bit more salt to the food and cook a bit or just stir it. Still in certain food stuff you cannot do add on salt when it is cooked already. You could adjust by adding a bit more additional salt to the supplements that you eat along with that food. Lesser salt in the dumpling could be supplemented easily by adding on a bit of salt in the curry or the gravy you cook for it. So that when you eat them together you cannot find any oddity.

In case of soups, you could remove the excessive salt content by adding on mashed up potatoes or even a full one. After a while just take them out and serve it. You will find it far better than earlier. Some housewives try sugar to be added on to remove the excessive salt. It is strongly not recommended as it would spoil the taste as such. Chemically when you add on alkaline ingredients to the cooked food you are assured of getting rid of the excessive salt content. This is the ideology behind adding yoghurt or fresh lemon juice to minimize the saltiness.


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