Salt in Cleaning Process

On January 3, 2011, in Uses of Salt, by Jitendra

Industrial cleaning

Cleaning is a costlier process in the industries and it consumes whole lot of time as well. Especially certain applications like cleaning of the bath cruises in the smelter plants and the cleaning of the metal cruises are quite critical time consuming processes. Another example would be the cast iron removal in the iron smelters as well.

All these situations could be carried out far more effectively and easily with the aid of the common salt. There might be a lot of other chemicals and washing agents that you normally use for this purpose to remove the solidified bathe metal as well the metal itself. In both the cases when you sprinkle the common salt when you just bring out the bath cruise out of the pot room it is a wise idea.

Bathe metal cruise cleaning

This is because, when the bathe cruises comes out of the pot room, hardly it would take half an hour or so to come to the cleaning arena. By which time, the temperature in the bathe cruise is still at very high temperatures due to the presence of molten bathe metal sticking to the surfaces.

When sodium chloride is sprinkled on top of the fluid, it enables you to easily remove it after hours when they completely get solidified in the room temperature. In fact the crust inside will become cooler, that is comparatively of lower temperatures than the standard room temperature. So the otherwise tiresome process is made quite simple and it will not affect the metal surface of the cruise.

Household cleaning

Household cleaning Apart from the industrial cleaning processes if you consider the domestic applications, the common salt is quite effective in eliminating the dust and dirt and other forms of stains in the vessels, ovens and so on. Common salt is naturally a cleaning agent and you should know the knacks of using it effectively to cut down your costs associated with the purchase of high quality detergents and stain removers. If you want to remove the rusty stains from the pans of your kitchen, then just try sodium chloride while washing them along with the soap or detergent that you normally use. You will infer great results.

Body cleaning

Next step is to clean the body as well. Common salt is a great body scrub to your surprise. You could mix it with water and almonds and use it as an effective scrub. You need to apply the scrub gently onto your skin. Allow it to dry for a little while and then clean it in mild hot water slowly and gently. If you find it bit tough to remove the scrub in certain areas do not rush to peel it rough ways.

This would certainly cause damage to the skin even if it is not visible from outside. So take time and do remove it with patience. It is absolutely worth your wait and efforts as you will see your face glowing after a clean and complete wash. Toned complexions are achieved out of this kind of cleansing techniques.


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