Recommended Intake of Salt

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Too much of anything is good for nothing. So is the case of the salt as well. Despite being a great natural preservative as well as flavoring agent of the food we eat, salt should be consumed in recommended measures. Exceeding salt content in the body is a serious threat to the individual. When the salt level in the body will go lesser otherwise, than the requirements then that is also potentially hazardous for humans.


Recommended Intake of Salt Striking a balance between the ups and downs to maintain right levels of salt content in the body is quite essential for almost any age group. Especially after forty years of age, the amount of sodium content in the body should be kept at regular check. Sodium as a matter of fact is nothing but part of the salt. Sodium and chlorine constitute together to form the common salt.

Water is nothing but hydrogen and oxygen molecules. The sodium ions could interact with the molecules of water very readily. As a natural biochemical process whenever there are excess amounts of water sensed in the organs of the human body, the sodium salts present in the system will absorb the water content from there.


In the summer days when you are living in hot and humid conditions, it is recommended that you need to compensate for the amount of salts lost from the body in the form of heavy sweat. Exposure to the scorching sun for long hours would make you faint all of a sudden just because of this reason.

Your body loses all its sodium content and lowers the blood pressure to cause hypotension and make you feel giddy and faint. Immediately when you are given fresh lime water with salt you well as if you’re completely rejuvenated. This is because of the presence of the vitamin C in the lime water and the adequate amount of salt needed for the human body to cope up with the situation readily.

Recommended measures

As per the standard recommendation of the health experts, it is advisable to consume from 1000mg to 3500 mg of sodium in a day. You could vary the intake according to the climatic conditions and the nature of the work you are involved in. these factors determine the amount of salt excreted from your body in the form of sweating.

You will have to compensate for the loss. The average consumption of the Americans in general, as per statistics, is found to be around 2500 mg in a day to about seven thousand mg at the most. That is a lot. Cutting down is vital imminently. Salt and sugar are the most significant components of food stuff. There are so many supplements which are found these days for these tastes.

It is to avoid the usage of the salt as well as sugar raw ways. They are not good for health when they are consumed in excessive quantities. So seek the advice of your physician who knows your body better ways, before you try to consume alternatives and supplements of the salt and sugar. You should not develop adverse effects even otherwise.


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