Purchasing Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub

On January 1, 2011, in Uses of Salt, by Jitendra

Dead Sea salt is fabulous! A body scrub of such style has several benefits for your body, including moisturizing, exfoliating, cleansing and revitalizing. The Salt that is gathered from the Dead Sea is pretty much an outstanding body scrub. The main reason lies in the fact that it has high mineral properties. Furthermore, it is much better than regular sea salt. In addition, the Dead Sea salt has high concentrations of:

· Magnesium

· Potassium

· & Calcium

All these work together in order to properly repair, restore, heal and totally hydrate all skin types. Many laboratories use this salt in their body scrubs and according to many reviews, many miraculous results are achieved. Sufferers of psoriasis, dry skin, pimples, acne, aging skin and wrinkles find these formulas to be amazing! A lot of scientific studies have proven that if you take a bath in a certain Dead Sea salt you will be able to easily reduce dry skin, any inflammation and even redness, and most of the times, this salt can even battle psoriasis. Yet, if you want better results, you need to go for a Dead Sea salt scrub on a daily basis.

Blending your Body Scrub

Purchasing Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub If you want to experience many benefits and advantages, you can always go for a homemade Dead Sea salt scrub. You will just need to purchase a few high-quality salts. You may need to shop around from a good supplier in order to get the best outcome. Also, you can find these salts online at affordable prices. Follow simple steps describe below, and the best part is, you can always customize this recipe to match your skin type:

You will need:

  • Half Dead Sea salt cup.
  • Half olive oil cup.
  • Ten to fifteen essential oil drops.


  1. Go ahead and combine all the purchased ingredients in a medium mixing bowl.
  2. Once the mixture is properly blend it, proceed to massage the mix onto your skin over your whole body, you can use your fingertips moving in circular motion.
  3. You should wait at least five minutes, and then proceed to rinse everything with cold water.
  4. Once you are done, next apply a quality moisturizer.

Tips and facts

  • If you don’t want to purchase essential oil that is totally fine, it can be omitted if you want, yet, keep in mind that the body scrub will be much more effective if you actually add some drops that will compliment your skin. You can try rosemary or lavender, especially if you have dry skin. Rose is good for people with normal skin, and consider lemon if your skin type is somehow oily.
  • Avoid using a body scrub where you have open wounds, or else you will end up experiencing very painful stinging feeling. It may bring irritations and redness.
  • Avoid using a Dead Sea salt scrub just after you’ve shaved.
  • Remember to always follow each step properly by cleaning and moisturizing your skin. If you desire fast and amazing results, try rinsing your skin 1st with lukewarm water.

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