Salt in Cleaning Process

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Industrial cleaning

Cleaning is a costlier process in the industries and it consumes whole lot of time as well. Especially certain applications like cleaning of the bath cruises in the smelter plants and the cleaning of the metal cruises are quite critical time consuming processes. Another example would be the cast iron removal in the iron smelters as well.

All these situations could be carried out far more effectively and easily with the aid of the common salt. There might be a lot of other chemicals and washing agents that you normally use for this purpose to remove the solidified bathe metal as well the metal itself. In both the cases when you sprinkle the common salt when you just bring out the bath cruise out of the pot room it is a wise idea.

Bathe metal cruise cleaning

This is because, when the bathe cruises comes out of the pot room, hardly it would take half an hour or so to come to the cleaning arena. By which time, the temperature in the bathe cruise is still at very high temperatures due to the presence of molten bathe metal sticking to the surfaces.

When sodium chloride is sprinkled on top of the fluid, it enables you to easily remove it after hours when they completely get solidified in the room temperature. In fact the crust inside will become cooler, that is comparatively of lower temperatures than the standard room temperature. So the otherwise tiresome process is made quite simple and it will not affect the metal surface of the cruise.

Household cleaning

Household cleaning Apart from the industrial cleaning processes if you consider the domestic applications, the common salt is quite effective in eliminating the dust and dirt and other forms of stains in the vessels, ovens and so on. Common salt is naturally a cleaning agent and you should know the knacks of using it effectively to cut down your costs associated with the purchase of high quality detergents and stain removers. If you want to remove the rusty stains from the pans of your kitchen, then just try sodium chloride while washing them along with the soap or detergent that you normally use. You will infer great results.

Body cleaning

Next step is to clean the body as well. Common salt is a great body scrub to your surprise. You could mix it with water and almonds and use it as an effective scrub. You need to apply the scrub gently onto your skin. Allow it to dry for a little while and then clean it in mild hot water slowly and gently. If you find it bit tough to remove the scrub in certain areas do not rush to peel it rough ways.

This would certainly cause damage to the skin even if it is not visible from outside. So take time and do remove it with patience. It is absolutely worth your wait and efforts as you will see your face glowing after a clean and complete wash. Toned complexions are achieved out of this kind of cleansing techniques.


Recommended Intake of Salt

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Too much of anything is good for nothing. So is the case of the salt as well. Despite being a great natural preservative as well as flavoring agent of the food we eat, salt should be consumed in recommended measures. Exceeding salt content in the body is a serious threat to the individual. When the salt level in the body will go lesser otherwise, than the requirements then that is also potentially hazardous for humans.


Recommended Intake of Salt Striking a balance between the ups and downs to maintain right levels of salt content in the body is quite essential for almost any age group. Especially after forty years of age, the amount of sodium content in the body should be kept at regular check. Sodium as a matter of fact is nothing but part of the salt. Sodium and chlorine constitute together to form the common salt.

Water is nothing but hydrogen and oxygen molecules. The sodium ions could interact with the molecules of water very readily. As a natural biochemical process whenever there are excess amounts of water sensed in the organs of the human body, the sodium salts present in the system will absorb the water content from there.


In the summer days when you are living in hot and humid conditions, it is recommended that you need to compensate for the amount of salts lost from the body in the form of heavy sweat. Exposure to the scorching sun for long hours would make you faint all of a sudden just because of this reason.

Your body loses all its sodium content and lowers the blood pressure to cause hypotension and make you feel giddy and faint. Immediately when you are given fresh lime water with salt you well as if you’re completely rejuvenated. This is because of the presence of the vitamin C in the lime water and the adequate amount of salt needed for the human body to cope up with the situation readily.

Recommended measures

As per the standard recommendation of the health experts, it is advisable to consume from 1000mg to 3500 mg of sodium in a day. You could vary the intake according to the climatic conditions and the nature of the work you are involved in. these factors determine the amount of salt excreted from your body in the form of sweating.

You will have to compensate for the loss. The average consumption of the Americans in general, as per statistics, is found to be around 2500 mg in a day to about seven thousand mg at the most. That is a lot. Cutting down is vital imminently. Salt and sugar are the most significant components of food stuff. There are so many supplements which are found these days for these tastes.

It is to avoid the usage of the salt as well as sugar raw ways. They are not good for health when they are consumed in excessive quantities. So seek the advice of your physician who knows your body better ways, before you try to consume alternatives and supplements of the salt and sugar. You should not develop adverse effects even otherwise.


Organic Salt

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It is not just the humans alone who rely on the extensive usage of the salt. Even the animals do. Preserving the mummies in the Egypt is executed successfully for so many years by means of effective salt additions. So one can imagine the amount of time since which the human race is using the salt.


Organic Salt Organic salt is termed so because it is collected naturally by the process of evaporation from the sea salt. Such a sort of organic salt production arena should be free from infecting the other water resources in the locality. It is for this reasons you could see the salt marshes in the remote places devoid of much human traffic. It is all hand treated and there is no purification process carried out in the production of the organic salt.

They do not even include any form of additives as you do in the case of the table salt production. Still the purity obtained is of high standards. It is because of the process of evaporation that leaves pure sediments of sodium chloride alone as residue to absorb most other impure components into the atmosphere. Since it is happening very naturally without the aid of any machinery or tools, it could be termed as an organic process of producing salt and hence the name organic salt.

Since the salt is not undergoing any purification process there are a lot of stringent measures of chemical analysis and testing associated with the process of organic salt production. This is just to ensure that there is nothing harms to distribute this prime commodity to the public use.

Quality assurance

The chemical analysis is of significant standards and is completely mandatory to be fulfilled by the production plants of the organic salt. Apart from that even the steps carried out in extracting the salt to until final packing of the salt in sacks standard norms are prescribed by the local government authorities.

Failing of the strict regulations will tend to get their license for salt production to be cancelled by the concerned authorities. The amount of space required for the organic salt manufacturing is quite vast. To acquire such amount of lands for your salt marshes the investment capitals are very high.

Apart from that maintenance of the facility where the organic salt is produced should be maintained well under the strict standards of norms specified by the governmental authorities. There is a separate committee called the organic certifiers to make these producers to conform to the rules and regulations. Frequent inspections are carried out and the locality is easy to be monitored closely from even a longer distance as the place is so huge.


Organic salt production is not an easy to handle task. It is for this reason under many circumstances; the public sector companies do undertake such a sort of assignments rather than leaving it to the private parties. Organic salt finds wonderful application in the human system. It is these organic sea salts which allows the generation of the hydroelectric energy which is a prime driving factor in the cells. Moreover the communication from the nerve cells is made possible with the presence of adequate organic salts. Likewise so many uses are there for the organic salts in a human system.


Salt in Various Regions

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Salt in Various Regions The salt production in the Portugal is about a quarter million tones in a year. If you compare with that of the Atlantic as well as the Mediterranean coastal regions of the French dominion, it would just be equivalent to that of the Portugal as well. Spain exceeds the Portugal and the French by a little more; say 50,000 tons more or so approximately. Italy has a greater amount of sources of salt. The amount of production of salt exceeds all its peers by far. But all these salt extraction obtained from these regions mainly goes to the industrial applications alone.

Irrespective of the different forms of extraction carried out in different parts of these regions, the amount of purity they could obtain in their final salt is not unto the mark. They are called as the inferior quality salt which is not suitable for food consumption even after iodization of these salts. So it largely depends upon the salts obtained in various regions which determine their purity standards.


The usage of sophisticated machinery in the processes carried out for the purpose of purification of the salts extracted in the European regions cannot be undermined. It is not the lack of availability of machinery which is a limitation for obtaining purest quality salts from these regions. The nature of the raw salt available in this region cannot be processed to perfection as much as you could do so with the salts that you obtain from the Asian subcontinent.

Salts produced in the India, Pakistan, silence, china are all of very high quality. These regions treasure quality salt naturally and that is to their advantage. All those western countries have to rely on such basic ingredients from the eastern provinces. When you move still further down south in the Australian continent the salt ores are pretty better.

Pacific and the Atlantic

The purity levels obtained in the salts produced in the pacific arena as a whole is of very good quality. Yes, it is not just limited to the Australian continent alone. It spreads all over the pacific oceans. Whole of the salt obtained in the Latin Americas and the Mexican regions yield you highest percentage of purity.

Similarly all those Atlantic part in the northern hemisphere, whether it be the Europe or the Greenland or the Alaska, all you find everywhere is just unique quality of salt that could yield you purity percentages between 99.5 and 99.8 at the most. Ocean surrounds almost three fourth of the earth. Sea water which is a prime source of salt is in abundance to obtain salt from all the parts of the world.

Still various regions constitute different combination of salts in their respective areas. The reason behind this variation is a very detailed study of ocean geography and the various phases of the evolution from the scratch. To put it all in a nutshell, the salt obtained from a specific region totally depends upon the absorption capacities of the regions salt. The most loyal the impurities are to their sources, the least pure they are.


Is Himalayan Salt Beneficial for Your Skin?

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Himalayan Salt comes from the world famous Himalayan Mountains. This amazing salt is often called the white gold. It is highly prominent for the main reason that it contains powerful ions of the stored sunlight. This sunlight is pretty much there from several years ago. Even millions and such matter give this salt all the natural elements that were found in the primal oceans and seas and oceans of ancient world. All these elements are exactly the same that are usually needed for your body. The best part is Himalayan salt doesn’t even contain poison or preservatives that may be found in some common salts.

Himalayan salt skin solutions

Is Himalayan Salt Beneficial for Your Skin? Within the most important benefits attached to this salt is the fact that your skin can be fully improved. You can use this salt whenever you take a bath. Many people enjoy a nice bath and imagine going for Himalayan salt, you will find it absolutely relaxing. You will notice that this Salt Bath will end up moistening your skin properly. This salt will help you achieve a healthier body. Your skin irregularities will start to fade.

Safety measures and tips

Remember to avoid using any soap or even shampoo, just go for the Himalayan salt alone. Then dry yourself carefully without rubbing your skin and go to sleep. You will be able to sleep peacefully. Despite the fact salt may be bad in excess, you just need to go for low dosages at times. These salt crystals can properly balance your skin, your body and can also help you with your detoxification process. You can easily purchase it at any health stores and you will find it to be inexpensive.

Balance your body

This magnificent salt will help you balance your body. If you have skin irregularities or even arthritic, Himalayan salt can help you a lot. These crystals are ready to fully neutralize your disease. You need to go for natural options, remember that there are several lotions and products claiming to do miracles and wonders but in the end they just worsen your current problem.

Most formulas contain all sorts of additives, preservatives and high concentrations of low quality and harmful substances. This salt is totally cheap and each bath is very easy to perform. Sore joint feelings will be gone for good. You will start loving life as before! If you don’t want to go into several stores, you can browse online; you will be able to buy Himalayan salt from several reputable sites.

Other uses

You can even use this salt as table salt. Most of the times, it has a nice pinkish color and in addition it even has a delicious taste. Odds are you won’t ever go back to regular salt. If you love the natural, then this is the ultimate salt to select! You won’t feel disappointed at all. You can easily learn the many benefits by looking around. Consider reading the many grateful testimonials linked to the use of this salt.


Iodised Salt

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While there are different types of salts, iodized salts are not a discreet classification in the salts. They are called so because they are the salts which contain iodine in them. All those table salts are called as the iodized salts for the very reasons that they are being iodized in the process of their preparation in the laboratories by the manufacturers.

Why iodine?

Iodised Salt Yes, that is because of the importance of iodine to be present in the human system so as to provide the system sufficient strength to combat against certain vulnerabilities of the body. Iodine deficiency leads to many lethal diseases in the human system. Iodine is present in the vegetables as well as obtained in the form of variety of food stuff that does contain them.

Vegetable would supply you iodine if and only if the soil is enriched with iodine. Certain localities are devoid of iodine content in the soil So as a precautionary measure so as to protect the public from all the havocs that could arise out of lack of iodine, it become customary for mixing up the salt with little bit quantities of iodine. This is easy way to drive iodine into the human system in little amounts.

Public welfare

By doing so you are preventing your community people from mass fall down to become victims to deadly diseases. It is for these reasons the process of iodization is considered to be an inevitable step that is usually carried out in the manufacturing of the table salts. Still you cannot find iodization processes to be carried out for certain salts like the pickling type or some other kinds of salt such as the canning salts kind.

These are special applications where the salts are used to prepare the brine solutions needed for the pickling purposes of a variety of the vegetable and other forms of food stuff. They do not need any iodine at this juncture and all they need is enough brakish nature of the salt.


To provide this adequate brakish nature the salt is not iodized. Apart from the addition of the iodine in the salts iron addition is also carried out in some countries. This is naturally to provide the salt users adequate iron strength as well. Iron strength is of equal importance when compared to that of the iodine. The growth of hair, teeth and bones are all affected by the iron and calcium content in the body.

Even eyesight needs adequate iron content to be present in the body. So it is customary for a majority of the manufactures to include the iodine content as well as the iron content in the salts they are distributing. Iodized salt therefore means that it contains iodine as well as little traces of iron as well.


It is important that you should not leave the boxes of the iodized salt opened for a long time. Iodine content in the salt will be lost in such a case due to the phenomenon called oxidation. The salt loses the iodine to be absorbed by the oxygen in the atmosphere readily.


How to do Gardening with Epsom Salt

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Organic gardening starts with Epsom salt in your garden stack still it are not necessary if you do not grow any of the following plants in the garden of yours. Potato, tomato, cannabis, roses and similar kinds of plant varieties are the typical ones needing Epsom salts. Pepper also needs Epsom salts consistently for their better growth.

Magnesium sulphate

How to do Gardening with Epsom Salt The reason behind that is the chemical composition of the Epsom salt. The chemical IUPAC name of the Epsom salt is magnesium sulphate. The presence of magnesium in the compound is what that attracts these family of plants by far. The nature of all the variety of plants is such that they will always be yearning for the adequate magnesium content in their bodies as long as they yield.

The richness of the soil is the determinant on how much magnesium is being transpired to the plants in the form of mineral salts and nutrients. Transpiration of water takes minute traces of organic components also, as a means of supplying nutrition to ascend through the aerial shoots of the plant. When adequate amount of the magnesium component is not available in the soil then there are chances for rottening of the plants.


Lack of magnesium

This is why you should feed Epsom salt to compensate for any loss in the case of naturally obtained magnesium contents. Most of the times, sprinkling measured quantities of the magnesium sulfate will not be detrimental as there will always be a need for the magnesium. Plants could seldom go surplus in their magnesium content naturally just from the minute traces of the salt obtained naturally from the soil underground.

In certain rich areas, the soil is of such condition that the plants are already supplied with the needed amounts of the magnesium salts. The plants will be already fertile without any problems of rot. In such a sort of circumstances where the demand meets the supply, you should not spray excessive amounts of Epsom salt.



It is the compound containing magnesium and sulphur. Sulphur when misused by the plants will become detrimental to the whole plants growth. When there is no need for magnesium further the Epsom salt sulphur contents will start to react more actively to escape in prior to the magnesium in the compound.

The best solution to avoid such a happening is to seek the advice of the soil experts. Get your soil tested completely before ascertaining on spraying anything onto your garden. One more important thing is that, spraying salt could be detrimental for the neighboring garden where they grow completely different kind of plants.

When you spray your salts by mistake on to their plants as well, they might not be able to get the regular cultivation what is usual. So enough care should be taken before you touch the Epsom salt for the purpose of gardening. If all the aspects mentioned above are considered and then adjudged that your plants need Epsom salts, then go ahead and spray it in measured quantities consistently at regular intervals to nourish your plants great ways.


Historical Facts about Salt

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Why salt

Why do we add salt in cooking food? If we had never practiced to do so from the beginning then there will be no worries at all by now. You do not have to worry about the precise quantity that has to add on to the cooking stuff very cautiously. You get cursing on erring, from all the family members who eat it.

Moreover it is not advisable for the elders in the family. So many issues could be curtailed by just saying simply a mere NO to salt. Why was it in practice from the very old days? If you infer a bit more keenly, it is not just any single race or community that was used to the salt utilities in their foodstuff.

Almost all those civilizations evolved in different parts of the globe have all unanimously emphasized on eating salt coated food stuff. Such an emphasis was not made to any other ingredients of the food, when you see from the overall global perspective. So there is a catch and by now it is clearly evident that the salt must be a fundamental necessity for the food stuff for significant reasons.


Historical Facts about Salt Yes, it is very much necessary as a natural preservative. The very role of this preservative is to arrest the growth of that malicious microbial content in the food stuff. When you add on salt to your food stuff, the rate at which the multiplication of the bacteria and molds occur in the food is inhibited by far. It is for this reason the primitive man with the sheer brilliance added on salt to whatever flesh he obtained to eat.

Salt is obtained in nature in two ways. One is through the sea water. Other is from the rock salt. Basically there are layers of rock formation under the earth. There is different classification of such rocks as well. Under the sedimentary kind of rocks, come the rock salts. It is not something of measurable quantities like how you imagine.

It is available in the form of salt beds. These salt beds range from a particular region to a far distance under the ground. When you see such abundant rock salt beds underneath the earth, you will start mining the salt for profits. Other modes of obtaining salt are from the sea water by the simple process of evaporation.


This is method adopted by the ancestors as well since the Bronze Age. In the history, production of salt was found to be of great significance as well as a tedious process during the bronze ages. The lack of awareness of extracting salt from under the earth from rock salts was a limiting factor in the history of salt production.

In the history, the discovery of the salt and its usage as a preservative allowed the primitive man to store his food stuff for longer hours to be eaten later. When he has to travel long distances for hunting food, the reserve food is prevented without getting spoiled by means of applying salt on to it. This is how the usage of salt started cultivating.


Kosher Salt

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Salt is everywhere in the earth. Here salt refers to the sodium chloride in particular as there are many other salts such as the potassium, fluorine, boron, phosphorous, chlorine, lithium and many more. Almost whole of the earth is surrounded completely by the salted sea water or else huge glaciers of ice otherwise in some parts of the northern hemisphere. Apart from that even if you consider the land region, there are huge sources of the salt sodium chloride. So naturally such a big component of the earth is of so many different kinds with respect to the region from which it is obtained.


Kosher Salt Variety of types of salts is common salt, table salt, pickle salt, kosher salt and many more. While you can make out from the name about all the other salts, the one exception could just be the kosher salt. To be honest there is nothing as such called kosher salt and this is the fact. It could either be kosher certified salt or otherwise a process called the koshering of salt which is carried out in the curing of meat.


Kosher is a brand name of a food corporation in the Americas. They are quite profound for their top minded brand awareness in the market. They have standard set rules of nomenclature for their own ways of salt production. All those who follow their terms and conditions in executing various steps involved in the production of salt and if the salt is to meet the standards of the kosher levels, then such a salt is said to be as kosher certified salt. They are quality wise equivalent to those salt used by the kosher foods.

These kosher salts are used widely in the curing of meat applications. There is a process called the desiccation by means of which the kosher salt which basically has bigger grains comparatively, will affect the curing process in the meat. Kosher salts are otherwise used for all those seasoning applications.


Kosher salts vary from the other forms of salts in the sense that they are not cubic crystals. They do have a very flat shape of the blood platelet kind. It is because of the ways they are produced. They are forced to high pressure to obtain that kind of shape. No iodization processes are involved as you infer in the case of the table salts. Even the additives that are added to the salt are very much pre determined according to the requirements. This would allow or disallow the salt particles to cling together when they are stored.


Usually the process of curing is carried out by applying a thin layer of the kosher salt on top of the flesh in the first place. The flesh is allowed to hang in a rack, say for about a couple of hours. All the kosher salt that is applied for seasoning will in the meantime absorb all the unwanted fluid content in the flesh. After sometime when you wash off the salt from the meat, your meat is devoid of most of the impurities that it would contain otherwise. You could even use the kosher salts for seasoning pickles of certain kind.


Purchasing Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub

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Dead Sea salt is fabulous! A body scrub of such style has several benefits for your body, including moisturizing, exfoliating, cleansing and revitalizing. The Salt that is gathered from the Dead Sea is pretty much an outstanding body scrub. The main reason lies in the fact that it has high mineral properties. Furthermore, it is much better than regular sea salt. In addition, the Dead Sea salt has high concentrations of:

· Magnesium

· Potassium

· & Calcium

All these work together in order to properly repair, restore, heal and totally hydrate all skin types. Many laboratories use this salt in their body scrubs and according to many reviews, many miraculous results are achieved. Sufferers of psoriasis, dry skin, pimples, acne, aging skin and wrinkles find these formulas to be amazing! A lot of scientific studies have proven that if you take a bath in a certain Dead Sea salt you will be able to easily reduce dry skin, any inflammation and even redness, and most of the times, this salt can even battle psoriasis. Yet, if you want better results, you need to go for a Dead Sea salt scrub on a daily basis.

Blending your Body Scrub

Purchasing Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub If you want to experience many benefits and advantages, you can always go for a homemade Dead Sea salt scrub. You will just need to purchase a few high-quality salts. You may need to shop around from a good supplier in order to get the best outcome. Also, you can find these salts online at affordable prices. Follow simple steps describe below, and the best part is, you can always customize this recipe to match your skin type:

You will need:

  • Half Dead Sea salt cup.
  • Half olive oil cup.
  • Ten to fifteen essential oil drops.


  1. Go ahead and combine all the purchased ingredients in a medium mixing bowl.
  2. Once the mixture is properly blend it, proceed to massage the mix onto your skin over your whole body, you can use your fingertips moving in circular motion.
  3. You should wait at least five minutes, and then proceed to rinse everything with cold water.
  4. Once you are done, next apply a quality moisturizer.

Tips and facts

  • If you don’t want to purchase essential oil that is totally fine, it can be omitted if you want, yet, keep in mind that the body scrub will be much more effective if you actually add some drops that will compliment your skin. You can try rosemary or lavender, especially if you have dry skin. Rose is good for people with normal skin, and consider lemon if your skin type is somehow oily.
  • Avoid using a body scrub where you have open wounds, or else you will end up experiencing very painful stinging feeling. It may bring irritations and redness.
  • Avoid using a Dead Sea salt scrub just after you’ve shaved.
  • Remember to always follow each step properly by cleaning and moisturizing your skin. If you desire fast and amazing results, try rinsing your skin 1st with lukewarm water.