Iodised Salt

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While there are different types of salts, iodized salts are not a discreet classification in the salts. They are called so because they are the salts which contain iodine in them. All those table salts are called as the iodized salts for the very reasons that they are being iodized in the process of their preparation in the laboratories by the manufacturers.

Why iodine?

Iodised Salt Yes, that is because of the importance of iodine to be present in the human system so as to provide the system sufficient strength to combat against certain vulnerabilities of the body. Iodine deficiency leads to many lethal diseases in the human system. Iodine is present in the vegetables as well as obtained in the form of variety of food stuff that does contain them.

Vegetable would supply you iodine if and only if the soil is enriched with iodine. Certain localities are devoid of iodine content in the soil So as a precautionary measure so as to protect the public from all the havocs that could arise out of lack of iodine, it become customary for mixing up the salt with little bit quantities of iodine. This is easy way to drive iodine into the human system in little amounts.

Public welfare

By doing so you are preventing your community people from mass fall down to become victims to deadly diseases. It is for these reasons the process of iodization is considered to be an inevitable step that is usually carried out in the manufacturing of the table salts. Still you cannot find iodization processes to be carried out for certain salts like the pickling type or some other kinds of salt such as the canning salts kind.

These are special applications where the salts are used to prepare the brine solutions needed for the pickling purposes of a variety of the vegetable and other forms of food stuff. They do not need any iodine at this juncture and all they need is enough brakish nature of the salt.


To provide this adequate brakish nature the salt is not iodized. Apart from the addition of the iodine in the salts iron addition is also carried out in some countries. This is naturally to provide the salt users adequate iron strength as well. Iron strength is of equal importance when compared to that of the iodine. The growth of hair, teeth and bones are all affected by the iron and calcium content in the body.

Even eyesight needs adequate iron content to be present in the body. So it is customary for a majority of the manufactures to include the iodine content as well as the iron content in the salts they are distributing. Iodized salt therefore means that it contains iodine as well as little traces of iron as well.


It is important that you should not leave the boxes of the iodized salt opened for a long time. Iodine content in the salt will be lost in such a case due to the phenomenon called oxidation. The salt loses the iodine to be absorbed by the oxygen in the atmosphere readily.


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