How to do Gardening with Epsom Salt

On January 2, 2011, in Uses of Salt, by Jitendra

Organic gardening starts with Epsom salt in your garden stack still it are not necessary if you do not grow any of the following plants in the garden of yours. Potato, tomato, cannabis, roses and similar kinds of plant varieties are the typical ones needing Epsom salts. Pepper also needs Epsom salts consistently for their better growth.

Magnesium sulphate

How to do Gardening with Epsom Salt The reason behind that is the chemical composition of the Epsom salt. The chemical IUPAC name of the Epsom salt is magnesium sulphate. The presence of magnesium in the compound is what that attracts these family of plants by far. The nature of all the variety of plants is such that they will always be yearning for the adequate magnesium content in their bodies as long as they yield.

The richness of the soil is the determinant on how much magnesium is being transpired to the plants in the form of mineral salts and nutrients. Transpiration of water takes minute traces of organic components also, as a means of supplying nutrition to ascend through the aerial shoots of the plant. When adequate amount of the magnesium component is not available in the soil then there are chances for rottening of the plants.


Lack of magnesium

This is why you should feed Epsom salt to compensate for any loss in the case of naturally obtained magnesium contents. Most of the times, sprinkling measured quantities of the magnesium sulfate will not be detrimental as there will always be a need for the magnesium. Plants could seldom go surplus in their magnesium content naturally just from the minute traces of the salt obtained naturally from the soil underground.

In certain rich areas, the soil is of such condition that the plants are already supplied with the needed amounts of the magnesium salts. The plants will be already fertile without any problems of rot. In such a sort of circumstances where the demand meets the supply, you should not spray excessive amounts of Epsom salt.



It is the compound containing magnesium and sulphur. Sulphur when misused by the plants will become detrimental to the whole plants growth. When there is no need for magnesium further the Epsom salt sulphur contents will start to react more actively to escape in prior to the magnesium in the compound.

The best solution to avoid such a happening is to seek the advice of the soil experts. Get your soil tested completely before ascertaining on spraying anything onto your garden. One more important thing is that, spraying salt could be detrimental for the neighboring garden where they grow completely different kind of plants.

When you spray your salts by mistake on to their plants as well, they might not be able to get the regular cultivation what is usual. So enough care should be taken before you touch the Epsom salt for the purpose of gardening. If all the aspects mentioned above are considered and then adjudged that your plants need Epsom salts, then go ahead and spray it in measured quantities consistently at regular intervals to nourish your plants great ways.


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