Historical Facts about Salt

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Why salt

Why do we add salt in cooking food? If we had never practiced to do so from the beginning then there will be no worries at all by now. You do not have to worry about the precise quantity that has to add on to the cooking stuff very cautiously. You get cursing on erring, from all the family members who eat it.

Moreover it is not advisable for the elders in the family. So many issues could be curtailed by just saying simply a mere NO to salt. Why was it in practice from the very old days? If you infer a bit more keenly, it is not just any single race or community that was used to the salt utilities in their foodstuff.

Almost all those civilizations evolved in different parts of the globe have all unanimously emphasized on eating salt coated food stuff. Such an emphasis was not made to any other ingredients of the food, when you see from the overall global perspective. So there is a catch and by now it is clearly evident that the salt must be a fundamental necessity for the food stuff for significant reasons.


Historical Facts about Salt Yes, it is very much necessary as a natural preservative. The very role of this preservative is to arrest the growth of that malicious microbial content in the food stuff. When you add on salt to your food stuff, the rate at which the multiplication of the bacteria and molds occur in the food is inhibited by far. It is for this reason the primitive man with the sheer brilliance added on salt to whatever flesh he obtained to eat.

Salt is obtained in nature in two ways. One is through the sea water. Other is from the rock salt. Basically there are layers of rock formation under the earth. There is different classification of such rocks as well. Under the sedimentary kind of rocks, come the rock salts. It is not something of measurable quantities like how you imagine.

It is available in the form of salt beds. These salt beds range from a particular region to a far distance under the ground. When you see such abundant rock salt beds underneath the earth, you will start mining the salt for profits. Other modes of obtaining salt are from the sea water by the simple process of evaporation.


This is method adopted by the ancestors as well since the Bronze Age. In the history, production of salt was found to be of great significance as well as a tedious process during the bronze ages. The lack of awareness of extracting salt from under the earth from rock salts was a limiting factor in the history of salt production.

In the history, the discovery of the salt and its usage as a preservative allowed the primitive man to store his food stuff for longer hours to be eaten later. When he has to travel long distances for hunting food, the reserve food is prevented without getting spoiled by means of applying salt on to it. This is how the usage of salt started cultivating.


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