Harmful Effects of Excessive Salt Intake

On January 1, 2011, in Salt, by Jitendra

If you are a wonderful chef then you will surely know that addition of salt in precise quantities in food stuff determines the taste. You could still play with the amount of salt and pepper that you add with the food to arouse the taste buds of those who dine. Due to the effects of surface tension in your tongue, you will feel the food to be of great taste and flavor.

In actuality the reason behind the process is that the salt ions increases the surface tension of the water molecules in your tongue and get all the pores of your tongue opened. The food spreads into more surface area of the tongue than it usually does. Hence the tastes are far better than the normal.

If you want to test it in your house you could eat similar kind of food after it becomes less hot with reduced salt and pepper. When you eat this much excessive amounts of salt in your food, there are a lot of chances that you might develop a number of diseases.

Cardiovascular Diseases.

Harmful Effects of Excessive Salt Intake The human body is most vulnerable to develop heart related problems when you are taking sodium chloride in excessive quantities. Heart attacks would just be a greatest problem that is encountered most of the occasions due to excessive amount of salt present in the human body. When the body lacks exercise and carries out computer based jobs in the air-conditioned rooms, there are little chances that the body will sweat out to excrete the unnecessary salts. When this process of excretion is blocked from one side and from the other end you are keep on consuming more and more regular doses of salt as usual then one fine morning the system collapses. Cardiac arrests and cramps around the cardiovascular area are all quite imminent with the increased consumption of the sodium chloride.

Blood pressure

The blood pressure in the body has to be maintained at standard rates or otherwise it leads to serious damages of the blood vessels and the results might be lethal. In order to maintain the blood pressure at optimal levels the sodium chloride content in the body should not go excessive. When you consume just 2000 mgs of sodium chloride on an average every day, then it will not raise the blood pressure levels. You can lead a healthy life style with such a standard consumption of the salt, Na Cl.

Hyper tension

This is excessive blood pressure. Cholesterol content in the body due to obesity when combined with excessive consumption of the sodium chloride, then hyper tension occurs. It results in restlessness in the patients. You will tend to be in hyperactivity moods at all the time. It is good from one point of view to be active all the time. Still you will be developing continues stress which is silently piling up from within without any notice of yours, due to lack of complete deep rest of your mind and body. The chances of collapse are higher after forty years of age.

Metabolic disorder

Retardation of metabolism processes is one of the serious drawbacks that could be encountered due to the excessive consumption of sodium chloride. The salt content in the human body is very essential and at the same time for you to consume in limited quantities is far more crucial though.


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