Black Salt

On January 1, 2011, in Types of Salt, by Jitendra

When you talk about several kinds of salts, it is quite rare that black salt comes into picture. It is not known to many races yet on the merits of black salt. Generalized opinion of black salt to contain higher level of impurities to be harmful to consume is quite wrong.


Black Salt Black salt is obtained naturally as a halite from the volcanic residue formed into rocks. Also it could be prepared by means of evaporating the brine with a particular chemical composition. This is done in such a way that the contents would include essentially sulphur and sodium chloride. Traces of sulphur and hydrogen are in minimal quantities. So obviously the net ingredients are nothing but the hydrogen sulphide, sodium sulphate and also the sodium chloride.

While sodium chloride constitutes the lion’s share of the proportion, the other two compounds are found in minute traces. But these minute traces of these compounds are capable of inducing so much medicinal effects when consumed by the humans. That is the specialty use of the black salt. Especially in the Indian subcontinent the usage of the black salt is quite versatile.

Hydrogen sulphide

This is the gas which is basically prominent for its two essential attributes. These attributes are the aroma and the toxicity. Aroma is passed on to the black salt while the toxic concentrations are quite negligible to become medicinal cure. Like how you take medicine out of some poisonous shrubs and herbs as well as the venom of the snake, even here, H2S, is a curing agent for many ailments. The irony is it is spontaneously obtained in the nature in the very right proportions that are suitable for human consumption as a cure.


The color of the black salt is not black though. It is of dark violet or purple texture due to the presence of so many impurities along with the raw salt. These impurities are usually processed chemically to be removed easily. The big crystals are ground into fine powders which would be of pinkish color to be distributed to food industries. Whole heap of curry and gravy of the Indian kind are made using the black salt as one of the essential ingredients.

You could refer to the usage of black salt in the cookery as a condiment or a flavoring agent which gives the aroma of egg slightly in the dishes you cook. In Western countries many vegan restaurant employ the usage of the black salt just because of the pungent smell that evolves from the food stuff along with blend of the real flavor. Vegans like that and have the satisfaction of having eaten eggs without doing so.

Yogic gurus suggest many medicinal cures with the black salt. Especially in the Jammu and Kashmir region, you could find a lot of religious gurus using the black salt in a variety of medicinal cures to help the people. The black salt is otherwise generally used as a laxative also. When added little bit with lemon water and consumed it would completely facilitate to cure the constipation problems by inducing smooth bowel movements within the body. Similarly goiter can be cured with the consistent usage of the black salt.


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