Beneficial Effects of Salt on Health

On January 1, 2011, in Salt, by Jitendra

Foremost benefit of the salt is that it is a preservative preventing the growth of bacteria and the molds in the food stuff. Curing of meat requires good amounts of salt for the process to be effective. Sodium chloride is an essential component among the various kinds of salts requirements of the human body.


Beneficial Effects of Salt on Health When it comes to curing and preservation of food stuff, coarse pickle salts and raw sea salts are quite effective. The chemistry behind the process is that the salt has the capability to absorb the moisture content from the bodies of these microbes and hindering their growth and multiplication.

Do you know the fact that, salt can intense the sweetness of sugar? Yes it is the reason for people add a pinch of salt in the fresh lime juices to minimize the usage of sugar. Especially for those people with diabetes complaints where you are not supposed to consume a lot of sugar, you could give them a slight sweet taste with the addition of mild salt and sugar to the juices. Even with the mild addition the sugar patients would find it to be quite adequate to drink instead of sugarless juices.

Water regulation

It is a well known fact and a basic truth that all our bodies are composed almost three fourth full of water, approximately. Obviously water is part and parcel of the lymphatic system, the blood as well as each and every cell of the human system. The traces of water content might differ in different places and it has to control at all the time they do not exceed or minimize from the optimal levels.

This very purpose of controlling the water content in the human body at various junctures, almost round the clock from sitting inside our bodies, are the alkaline contents in the body. These base chemicals include the sodium, potassium and phosphorous in its hydrate forms. When they combine with chloride they does the function of regulating body water content inside and outside the cell tissues? So the importance of sodium chloride in the body for great health is quite evident from the above fact illustrated.


Lack of adequate sodium content in the body leads to critical conditions in the individual affected. The body will easily tend to develop cramps and muscle catches. When the sodium content in the body reduces by far, you can see people developing lassitude. Mentally confused stage occurs due to the insufficient traces of sodium. So it is therefore pretty evident that consumption of sodium to optimal levels is certainly a fundamental necessity for the human body to stay in good health conditions.

Energy booster

All those people who work in the hot and humid conditions of the Middle East countries in some tough jobs have a strange practice in summer months. Laborers in the road paving tasks and aluminum smelting industries are given salty orange juices. It is consumed in excessive quantities, say once in every half an hour or so. They are made very dilute to contain mild traces of orange and sodium to replenish energy instantly into the body. These hard working laborers compensate for the lost salts out of their body in the form of sweat by consuming these juices.


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