Types of Salt

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Salt is a primary ingredient in the cooked food stuff most of the times. It is mandatory to know on how much difference it could make, when you use the wrong salt. So what is a wrong salt? Yes, there are varieties of salts that are manufactured through different methods. Even though there are basically two forms of salts that are obtained in nature, the final salts that you shop in the market from different vendors are of various kinds. It largely depends on the way of its extraction and making to be delivered into the market for the consumers.

Sea salt

Types of Salt The sea salt and the kosher salts are entirely of different categories of salts. One cannot be replaced by the other in the same dish for same quantities as it would make a lot of difference in the tastes. So just before you pinch and sprinkle, think a second on what type of salt that you are holding.

The kosher salt is something which has granules of very small sizes. This dimension of the kosher allows it to be dissolved in the food very effectively and more readily as well. When you do cook with the kosher salt your food stuff flavor will start to disperse more readily during the cooking process, compared to using a rock salt. The curing process of meat utilizes the kosher type of salts in essential. This is because of the very reason that the granules of the kosher are of a particular dimension and shape which is prettily suitable to allow the curing process to further. You could easily collect a pinch of kosher salt to precise quantities as they are basically more rough and coarse in nature.

Rock salt

On the contrary when you want to add on a pungent aroma to your food stuff then you should try the crystalline sea salt variety. All those sea food preparation as well as handling with those curry vegetables or preparing fresh salads, employ this type of salt.

Crystals of this crystalline sea salts are not quite uniform due to ways they are being fabricated to cater to the consumers. This irregularity in the dimensions of the granules is a limitation with this kind of salt, when it comes to dissolving effectively and readily with the food stuff.

One more type of salt is the rock salt. This is obtained as earth salt from under the ground. There are huge traces of salt beds found in the lake city of Utah and also in many other parts of the globe as well. Rock salts are not that rare as these are nothing but the sediments of the sea water consistently upon the earths crust for millions of years now. The rock salts commercially are good applications for the ice cream making as well as in the ice houses.

Pickle salt

One more type of salt which is just hundred percent Na Cl, is the pickle salt. This could brine a chicken as a whole. Such extreme saltiness is because of the fact that they are not iodized are mixed with any other chemicals which are done for the process of caking in the preparation of the table salts.


Top Ten Brands of Salt in India

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Iodized salt producers

India is one of the chief producers of the salt in the whole world. The amount of resources available in India for the production of salt is comparatively lesser than what the United States of America or the China or the Australians have. Still India ranks better position when it comes to salt production with the available resources. Even purity wise the salt that is produced in India is of very high standards and cannot be competed by those American as well as European brands.

There are numerous top quality salt producers in India. When it comes to table salt production for the purpose of domestic consumption the top brands are just a handful. The major player who holds a hefty share of the market as a whole, say about twenty percent of the total table salt market in India is the tata salt.

Tata salt.

Top Ten Brands of Salt in India This is the favorite of the majority and called as the desh ka namak, means country’s favorite salt. The name did not come just like that but obtained through the surveys conducted to find out the salt utilities in various parts of the Indian subcontinent. Almost 3.76 crores of houses are using this particular variety of salt on a daily basis in India.

You can then imagine the amount of business the tata salt would be able to turn around in a year. That is really huge turnaround and still the costs associated with the tata salts are just quite nominal all now. Despite the heavy competition that prevails in the market for the tata salt, they never compromised in their quality for minimized costs.

Top brands

The tata salt is said to be the cheapest available table salt of its exceptional quality when compared to any other salt in the whole world, inclusive of china in that. Tata salts has achieved so many certifications and felicitations, laurels and awards from the government of India as well as the international organizations in appreciation of their best services rendered.

They are catering salt with sweet care for the people as they are up to the mark with the iodine and iron standards in any packet of the tata salt that is checked out for scrutiny. Those common people who use the tata salt trust that there cannot be any kind of side effects that would arise with its usage.

The quality is exceptional so that it could be offered to the children as well as the elders suffering from several complaints of cardiovascular diseases as well as blood pressure.

Apart from the tata salt there are other top brands in india as well.

Captain cook




Surya salt

Sambhar salt

Nirma shudh and many more are there. The list is lengthy as there are many regional players also who dominate in their territories with hefty share of the market. Inspite of so many iodized salt vendors, the i-shakthi is one among those reliable salts when you want to serve the children and patients with goitre problems. Similarly, captain cook is also one of the standard brands in the trade from a considerable number of years now. The latest but still a leading competitor in the trade is the nirma shudh salt producers.


Table Salt

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Salt kept in the dining tables in decorative pans to sprinkle on to your food in case of necessity are nothing but the table salt. The name goes to this kind of salt by the very purpose of utilization. The table salt could either be obtained from the sea as well as from underneath the earth.

Natural minerals

Table Salt The table salt obtained from rock salt underneath the earth is a common type in majority. All those remaining sea salts are not processed completely just like the table salts. They do contain minute traces of those impurities of so many sea minerals. Experts suggest that these are negligible traces of mineral content which cannot be lethal to the consumers of this salt. Still the presence of these impurities in these salts serves the purpose of added on flavor, color and texture to the color of the gravy and curry prepared out of it. Table salt lacks these natural ingredients due to its complex manufacturing methods. It is completely free from all the impurities.

Moreover table salt undergoes a special process during its preparations. It is the process of iodization. Majority of the table salts supplied these days to the consumers are just the iodized salts alone. There might be variations in the percentage of iodine content present per part in the table salt. The structure and the grains sixes of the table salts are quite uniform. The uniformity in the crystals sixes enable the salt to gets dissolved in the food stuff more readily than the sea salt.


Apart from the iodization process there is one more supplement added on to the table salt. This is a chemical additive which gives the table salt the property to not to get clung together when kept in a container. The crystal rock salts comparatively even with little absorption of moisture from the atmosphere will tend to get cluttered inspite of being preserved in closed containers.

The nutritional value of the table salt could just be equivalent to that of the sea salt. There is no lack of nutritional value just because of the absence of those sea minerals. The chemical composition of both the kinds of salts is almost the same under given standard conditions. Table salt can be superior to the sea salt when it comes to the texture of the salt particles as well the flexibility for processing.


There is certainly marked difference in the taste of the table salt while compared to that of the sea salt. All your body requires in a day is just about a couple of hundred mg of the table salt and nothing else more when it comes to the Na Cl needs of the human system. So, mind that you are not consuming in excess quantities of table salt. Also make sure it is not being in excess quantities to the elders in the family to avoid developing unnecessary diseases.

Most of the diets use the table salts to very big quantities when compared to the recommended levels mentioned above. So in that case, the chances of developing blood pressure related diseases are very higher when people consume such types of food.


Uses of Salt at Home

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It is not just a century or two since when the humans are using the common salt, Na Cl. It is for several thousands of years now the salt is used in a variety of ways by the mankind. The industrial applications of the salt are quite recent though. Still the domestic usage of salt in the houses for the purposes of preservation is from quite a good while now.


Home uses

Uses of Salt at Home But certainly it is not just the preservation ability alone for which the salt could be used in the household. There are many other uses as well. Salt is added to fresh water lime and soda to get a wonderful freshness of energy instantly. It is one of the greatest home therapies after tiresome labor.

In case if you want to get rid of grease fire from a particular area in your house then never seeks the resort of water immediately. It is not a good idea of removal at all. You should try to spray some common salt on top of it and allow it get smothered in quite some time. Now it is ready for you to remove it easily.

If you want to clean your neat sink, brass vessels, cake ovens, gas stove and many other similar houses hold utensils you might rely on some high quality soap cakes for this purposes. Instead try salt a little amount. If you sprinkle a bit of table salt on top of them and brush it away after some time you will get very clean finishes.

Strange uses

Imagine if you or your kid have dropped the egg on the floor of your kitchen. It is pretty tedious task to clean the floor. Moreover the smell would last there. The pungent smell of the egg would surround the place for a long time even after the removal of the scattered broken egg. Instead you should try a different idea. As soon as you had dropped it by mistake, just spray some salt on top of it. All the coagulants will get collected together. The contents would collate automatically and you can easily gather them in one shot after half an hour or so.


If you want to protect your trees in the garden from the ill effects of the poisonous insects and other germs, it is pretty easy to do so without spending too much money for fertilizers and pesticides. Moreover they might result in side effects to affect the fertility of the soil and stunted growth in the trees as well.

One gallon of water should be mixed with a kilogram of salt or even a little more. Add on a little bit of washing soap also to the solution. Allow the contents to get mixed completely. If you stir the solution well then it would be easier and faster as well. Sprinkle the water on top of the greeneries in your garden. All those stems and the branches should well be sprayed with the solution. Your garden is completely safe from the attack of any kind of germs. You can get good yields for your cultivation for this season.


Going for a Miraculous Salt Water Therapy

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If you’ve already experienced several acne breakouts in the past, then you should consider going for natural treatments. According to many sources, a lot of people try all sorts of therapies without success. If you are into organic and natural overnight treatments, then it is to me achieve a beautiful skin! In order to get rid of blemishes, pimples and many skin irregularities from your face, you should consider salt water. Truth is, skin types vary and what may be useful for someone may not work for you, yet, the more you look around the better it is. You will end up reaching a magnificent salt water solution. You will start noticing a dramatic skin change for good!

Overnight results

Going for a Miraculous Salt Water Therapy Many experts recommend selecting natural products, they claim these formulas don’t bring side effects. Good news is, with a salt water treatment, you won’t be putting your skin health at risk and if you remain constant, odds are acne will soon disappear. Several reviews claim that people feel happy after trying the magical Sea Salt Water formulas. It looks like these therapies have proven to be very effective in order to make acne disappear.

Dermatologists in majority claim on the very fact that the salt water is a wonderful option when it comes to therapy. Claim that the salt water is the best way to go. After trying many creams and all sorts of cleansers you may notice that none bring a permanent result. When it comes to sea salt solutions, in most cases, results are forever! The best part is you will notice results overnight.

You don’t have to go for strict cleaning regimens that last long periods of time. Yet, you need to commit, think long term so you can get rid of skin imperfections. You don’t want to waste time with worthless skin cleaning regimens that doesn’t even have the same amazing effects as when it comes to salt water therapies. You will soon realize that your acne will be clearing very fast. Your skin complexion will be soon displayed like never before!

Important Tips and General Facts

It is very important to adapt with a salt water therapy regimen. Make sure to keep the following in mind:

· Take note of all the heavy rains that may arise in your location. This way, you will be able to easily determine the pollutants levels that are present in the sea water.

· Believe it or not, a sunny and normal day at the local beach is usually the best time when looking to go for a nice sea salt water treatment.

A Salt water treatment is somehow the best therapy when it comes to a fast result. To perform a salt water regimen, you can either purchase the scrub online or you can venture out into a local store. You will notice that whenever your skin gets in contact with sea water is pretty much glows! Same thing happens with a good salt water scrub. In conclusion, if you are tired of trying low quality products that just worsen your skin condition, get ready to turn it all around with a quality Salt water Acne Treatment. You can even perform it at home! Buy that wonderful cure now and begin feeling the fabulous effects.


Salt Uses in Health and Beauty

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Salts could be used in a variety of applications. But to use them for beautifying yourselves is something which is not knows too many around. It is indeed a great useful tool to beautify you. Moreover the associated costs are also not that higher when you compare with the prices of the other beauty products.

Prima facie, from health considerations, the presence of adequate amount of salt in the body is crucial to regulate the body water content and keep your body in optimal conditions. Deficiency causes cramps to occur in the different areas of the body. Salt solutions of certain kind are wonderful supplements to your beauty regimens.

Youth passion

Salt Uses in Health and Beauty Some of the youngster who has the problems of acne could try applying salt water solution which is slightly hot and wash the face cleanly with mild soap. All those itchiness and the dry skin complexion will be changed in due course of time. Gradually the germs cannot settle down in the pores of your faces to form ugly acne.


Similarly other solution of salt when mixed with a bit of baking soda could do wonders as well. This could also be used as a mouth wash. You need to goggle using the solution just before going to bed and also after you wake up in the morning. When you continuously have the practice of doing so, you will never have any sort of teeth related problems. Your gums will glow and gravening smile will be the result to attract the people with your countenance.

Avoiding exfoliation

The simplest curing technique to exfoliation which arises due to dry skin is the salt therapy. When it is said as salt therapy, you do not have to imagine shelling out big bills in the massage parlor and spa. All you have to do is just take a steam with the help of facial steamer and then take a pinch of table salt in your hands. Rub and spread it all over the wet skin when you have just come out of the shower.

Within sometime you will feel the smoothness experienced in your skin as well as the new glow in your face. This is the result of the salt applied to the moist skin of your complexion. You could do so in the neck regions as well as in the hands and around the breasts as well for best attraction. Apart from that you do not have to bother about exfoliation when you have this in regular practice.

Other benefits

Application of salt in an above-mentioned way in the wet skin has numerous advantages apart from preventing the exfoliation. Primarily blood circulation is enhanced and uniformly spread all over the surface of your skin.

This is made to happen as the salt tends to invigorate the dermis. When you feel lazy in the morning to completely wake up and start doing things actively, then this application would readily help you to get energized and feel pumped up throughout the day. It is for these reasons aerobics practitioners use this method as an instant remedy from the physical exertion that could happen at times due to excessive strenuous Exercises.


Salt Production Worldwide

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Huge consumption

The world wide salt production is currently 200 million tons and exceeding the mark rapidly. If you astonish on this fact and think that do we consume so much salt annually for the worldwide industries to manufacture huge quantities of salt, then you are wrong.

It is not for our food consumption alone, we use the salts.

Ways of extraction

Salt Production Worldwide Almost sixty percentage of salt production in the whole world goes to the industrial usage. Only the remaining forty percent is used for miscellaneous purposes that major constitutes the application in the form of food additives. When you talk about the worldwide salt production, it is mandatory to know the different ways that the salt is obtained all over the globe.

Prima facie, evaporation of sea water to obtain salts is the method carried out in majority parts of the Asian subcontinents. Especially in the India and china, the salt production done in this ways and they obtain almost 99.5 percentage of purity still. The salts produced this ways are being washed again chemically to remove the impurities and then it is shipped.

Different parts of the globe

There are still other forms of obtaining salts as well. Even in India and china you could find some of these different forms of extracting salt. One is through mining process. This is salt extraction from the salt beds underneath the earth. Such a sort of salts is then allowed to be prepared in the laboratories to be modified to the form of fine granules as we see the table salt.

Salts obtained in this way are in majority from the United States of America as well as other European continents. Their purity levels are a big challenge though. They are not compete tent to the great purity levels obtained as you get from the salts of India and china. 99.5 to 99.7 is the range of purity that could be obtained from these salts of the west. Most of them find applications only in the industries.

It could be evident for you by now that almost all of those fine graded salts of the west are just the western brand names carrying eastern salt inside. Any how, there is one more variety of salt obtained from the brine. This is called as solution mining process. This is almost one third of the total salt production methods in the world.

All those salts extracted from the Australia and Mexico is essentially of this kind of manufacturing. The level of purity that is obtained is of the highest grade when you compare with the other forms of salt extraction. The purity range varies somewhere in between to the second decimals of 99.9. It depends from place to place from the set standards of production process carried out.

Industrial applications

Sometimes it is also about the raw salt content which is obtained from a particular place. There are certain traces of impurities at micro levels which are just integral part of the salt itself and it could not be removed even after so many sophisticated processes and techniques employed. World wide salt production for industrial applications includes the organic synthesis, petroleum production, byproducts fractional distillation and many more processes.


Smoked Salt

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Salt is an essential ingredient in the human body. You can say that the sodium chloride referred to as the common salt is inevitable for the human community as long it exists in this material world. Luckily, the availability of this salt is not as scarce as it was thought so in the ancestral days.

Types of salt

Smoked Salt There is abundant quantity of salt reserves available in the earth and it is for man to make the best use out of it. When it comes to the uses, there is variety of applications for which the salt is employed. It could be the industrial usage, for domestic cooking purposes, medicinal field and so on. There is a wide range of applications of the salt with each and every type of it used for different purposes.

When it is said about the different types of salt, certain salts like the black salt, pickle salt are all quite significant in the medicinal and industrial usage respectively. Similar to that, we have one more kind of salt called the smoked salt. The smoked salt simply saying is nothing but the common salt made to contain smoked aroma in it. This is virtually to give you the smoked effect while consuming the particular food stuff that is mixed up with the smoked salt.

Preparation of smoked salt

How do you make a smoked salt of your own? The process is quite simple and easy to follow in your house itself to make your own kind of smoked salt as per your required standards. The prime necessity of producing the smoked salt is the saw dust. You will have to select only the sea salt for the manufacturing of the smoked salt.

It is just only the sea salt obtained from the sea water by the process of evaporation will be suitable perfectly to make the smoked salts. Otherwise you cannot get the desired effects in the smoked salt. The essential purpose of adding the smoked salt to meat and vegetable is to create that specific aroma of smoked smell in them. This could be easily attained by adding a pinch of the smoked salt.

When you consider the mined salts for making the smoked salt, they are usually obtained in the form of iodized salts. These iodization process sediments the iodine from the potassium iodide into the table salt grains. So when you use these salts the saw dust will not have its effect to create the smoked salt easily. It is the saw dust which is the essential ingredient of the smoked salt which gives the smoked effect.

Malto dextrin could also be otherwise added which are of the smoke flavor. When you add this to the salts you get the smoked effect very easily. Simpler process is just to keep the salt in a smoker made out of wood. This ways quality smoked salt is obtained in less time.


One important aspect about the smoked salt is that you cannot attribute so much importance to this salt as it is of no big use. This is just one of the different varieties of salt that could just make your food taste different ways for a change.


Salt Substitutes and Low Salt Diet

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Low salt diets are essential for those blood pressure patients. Moreover even for those who do not have any problem of such a kind, consuming low salt diets will keep the heart diseases at bay.

Some of the food diet which is containing about 500 mg to 300 mg of sodium for every serving is generally good enough to contain you sodium consumption. It is possible to make the food quite delicious enough without any comprise and consolation for your taste buds. Some of the low salt diets are too discussed in detail down under.

Low salt diet

Salt Substitutes and Low Salt Diet The first in the list of low salt diets is the Caldo Tlalpeño. It is very easy to make. You will not take even more than forty five minutes or so to cook it altogether. It is just a chicken soup variety basically. You could have witnessed this peculiar name in the menu card of some of those Mexican restaurants. They do contain the spicy chipotle chiles as well in this soup to add on to the spicy flavor and at the same time hinder the need for more salt to arouse the flavour. The general combination of this food stuff is quesadillas which are made out of cheese.

It contains just 260 milligrams of salt in total per serving. This is the huge advantage. You will relish the spicy yet yummy chicken soup while do not have to bother about raising your sodium consumption levels.

Stew chicken

Similarly you have many more options of diets. Okra and chickpea dish which is actually a stew chicken variety of preparation added with more moroccon flavours in abundance. Chow mein of peanut ginger, the pineapple teryaki chicken, rosemary croutons in spinach soup and many more can add on to get the list very lengthier. You do not have to bother about the preparation of all these. You could get them in seconds in the internet search in almost any profound search engine. Talking in detail about the preparation of each and every menu in the list will just be out of the scope of this article.

Excellent alternative

Also salt is one other exemplary option for those who are badly in need of a low salt diet due to the health conditions. When you get used to the also salt, you certainly do not have to bother about the low salt diet as you will be under no salt diet already. You could have all those yummy chips and spicy peanuts and variety of snacks and food stuff which earlier avoided due to the presence of salt content in them

All you have to do is just replace also salt in the place of adding on salt to the same food stuff while preparing it. You get the tastes identical to that of adding salt in the food stuff. This is quite wonderful for the blood pressure patients. The costs associated are pretty higher than the costs of the salt. Still when you want to care about your health seriously then also salt is the best option. Money spent otherwise in the form of medicines to counter the effects of excessive sodium should be borne in mind, while you ball about costs.


Salt in Cooking Food

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Quantity matters

It is almost inevitable for cooking food to contain salt. You could just have control over the quantity of the salt intake rather than trying to avoid it completely. The permissible quantities of salts in cooking food will have to be learnt keenly in essential. If you consider the soups and sauces, the permissible amount of salt content that they should contain is just about a single teaspoon for every quart. Similarly there are measures that are discreet for different items which are important for the cooks to be aware of.

While talking about the quantity it differs from individual to individual. Patients of blood pressure and the diabetes complaints should abstain from sugar and salt respectively. Even minute traces of excessive contents of salt could raise the blood pressure levels in such patients. While you have a lot of supplements for the sugar in the form of additives, you cannot find much for replacing the salt.

Salt matters

Salt in Cooking Food On the contrary salt less food is something which is less worth eating for a lot of foody out there. Salt add on the real flavor and taste to the food stuff. Certain drinks such as the butter milk and many other gravies and curries items, when you prepare with the precise quantities of salt, the taste would be exemplary. It is hard to be controlling these precise levels of salt when you are cooking different quantities of food stuff.

Still an experienced chef will always have to have tips in store. These will be greatly helpful for him, when he finally realizes the salt to be in erroneous quantities in the food stuff. Some of the immediate remedial measures are to add of tomato or potato to the food stuff and cook a bit more. This is in case when the salt in cooking food is found to have gone in excess quantities.

Counter ways

On the contrary, when the salt is lesser, the resolve is simpler. Just add a bit more salt to the food and cook a bit or just stir it. Still in certain food stuff you cannot do add on salt when it is cooked already. You could adjust by adding a bit more additional salt to the supplements that you eat along with that food. Lesser salt in the dumpling could be supplemented easily by adding on a bit of salt in the curry or the gravy you cook for it. So that when you eat them together you cannot find any oddity.

In case of soups, you could remove the excessive salt content by adding on mashed up potatoes or even a full one. After a while just take them out and serve it. You will find it far better than earlier. Some housewives try sugar to be added on to remove the excessive salt. It is strongly not recommended as it would spoil the taste as such. Chemically when you add on alkaline ingredients to the cooked food you are assured of getting rid of the excessive salt content. This is the ideology behind adding yoghurt or fresh lemon juice to minimize the saltiness.